The Concierge Desk staff can provide you with tickets for most of your planned activities while here in Aruba. Many of the companies require prepayment or a deposit.
All deposit payments are to be made in cash and several of the companies do not accept credit card for payments.

Prepayments and deposits are not refundable unless you can provide the company with a written doctors note containing a description of why you are unable to attend the activity.

If you need to reschedule your confirmed activity to another time or day, contact the Concierge Staff and we will be happy to assist you, however some charges may apply.

It is our desire to provide you with the best possible activities on the island. Therefore, we welcome your comments on how your experience was on the activity as well as the service provided by the staff. Knowing how satisfied our guests are will guarantee that we continue to provide our guest with the best activities on Aruba.

We strongly recommend you to not take part in any activities which may cause harm to any animals or their habitat.