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A Year of Cougar Pride Carden Arbor View School believes in an education devoted to the Carden Method, an education directed to the whole child, and one that infuses individuality with dignity, self-reliance, and compassion. My daughter continues to grow the confidence she has in her skills, and her love for her school, as well as her confidence in who she is--Thank you! The focus on the whole child. The whole child not defined by straight “A’s”. Character is more important than a perfect grade. There are so many benefits--Community, education, manners, charity, kindness, compassion. C O N F I D E N C E Interaction with different cultures and a different way to learn things. Carden is my son’s home away from home. Mrs. Edwards is a second mom to every child. He feels safe, included, welcomed, and cared for. We love being a part of our Carden family. The school and teachers’ emphasis of the overall development of the children beyond academics. What is the greatest benefit your child receives from attending our school?

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