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Syllabus, Digital Design, 2015 Page 2 of 3 T ENTATIVE C OURSE S CHEDULE (order of units subject to change) Semester 1: 1. FBLA – leadership development, community service, and employability skills 2. Introduction to Digital Design 3. Design Principles 4. Graphics 5. Audio Production Semester 2: 6. Video Production 7. Animations 8. Portfolio Development (includes cumulative project)** 9. Employability Skills **Students will create a personal Web Portfolio throughout the year and turn in in April ** I NSTRUCTIONAL M ATERIALS AND S UPPLIES Published Materials Instructional Supplies Learning Digital Design with Adobe CS5 and HTML5 3-ring binder, paper, pen or pencil, headphones, USB flash drive E VALUATION AND G RADING Assignments Grade Weights Grading Scale Classwork & Homework Projects – Resumes, Web Development Unit Tests Quizzes Final Exam Class (Daily Work) 10% Formative Assessments 20% Mini Labs, Quizzes Summative Assessment 50% Projects, Unit Tests Final Exam 20% A: 90 and above B: 80 – 89 C: 70 – 79 F: 69 or below O THER I NFORMATION Expectations for Academic Success Additional Requirements/Resources 1) Complete daily classwork assignments 2) Participate in class discussions and ask questions 3) Participate constructively as a team member 4) Problem solve and accept challenges 5) Challenge yourself to continuously improve  Acceptable Computer Use Policy & Network/Internet Agreement  Tutoring Available TARDIES: The tardy policy stated in the hand book will be strictly adhered to. If it is an excused tardy, you will need to have a note from the office or teacher stating the reason you are late to class. BYOT: Due to the technology already provided in this course, students will not be allowed to access their personal media devices UNLESS DIRECTED BY INSTRUCTOR. There will be several units we will use our personal media devices. Otherwise, these devices are not to be brought out in class. Devices brought out in class will be confiscated and turned in to administration. MAKE-UP WORK : You will need to make arrangements with me to come in before or after school to complete missing assignments. Due to the nature of this course, there is very little work that I can send home. Therefore, you will need to arrange with me to come in and complete your missing assignments. I will be available to stay after school and work with you on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays until 4:15 p.m. (unless I have a pre-arranged conflict). I am here for you, but you have to come in and do the work! Make sure to read the Student Handbook concerning the deadlines for completing all make-up work assignments. Cheating/Plagiarism: Students are expected to create their own work. All print and online sources should be cited. Students should not copy or edit other students’ files. Cheating/Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Students who violate this policy will receive a zero, parents will be contacted, and no final exam exemption will be allowed. My Big Campus: Students will need to register for My Big Campus ( Students will be able to receive assignments, updates regarding project deadlines, quizzes, and tests.

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