Career Project (Eli Burgos)

November 21, 2014  |  By  | 

Part I: Introduction My name is Eliezer (Eli) Burgos. My dream is to acquire thorough knowledge on engines and discover what makes them tick; eventually implementing this knowledge into the founding of my own car tuning company. I’ve always had an insatiable curiosity as to how things work and the idea of working all day on the internals of an engine and changing how it functions as a unit is the exact type of profession I’ve always wanted. I will be able to work on engines developed by different people with different views from all over the world and will constantly be learning as said views of said people develop and change over time. With this in mind I will always be learning something new and taking apart something different which too me is what I look for in a career. The knowledge needed for this undertaking can be obtained through getting a degree in mechanical engineering so that’s how it fits into my plans. I am fortunate enough to already have strengths that align with those needed to become a mechanical engineer. Some of these include and inclination towards math and science. I’m also a fast learner and through this class have discovered that I learn best through lectures and discussions towards different concepts and theories, making me an aural learner. This is also a plus because many times when teaching advance concepts it is only possible through such methods. Unfortunately however my procrastination is probably the largest obstacle I will have to overcome in order to be truly successful. An easy example of this would be the fact that I did not start this project until the day it was due just after noon. I understand however that what I want to accomplish leaves no room for error and so this will be something I continue to fight against.

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