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     The Magical Fairy By: Simran There was once a girl named Teresa she had blond hair that was thin her hair was as shiny as a pearl in the sunlight and was glittering like the ocean waves. Her eyes were sparkly sky blue and she was wearing a purple long sleeved t-shirt which had a mountain with her face put in the face of a mountain climber. On top of the shirt she was wearing a fluffy pink jacket with snowflakes on them.Hear muffs were purple and had a snowman on it her shoes were shimmery red ruby shoes and were from nike. She was 16 years old and she was very thin her dream was to be a mountain climber she was from Switzerland she lived in a villa that had 5 rooms her room had a pool and she has a really big closet and millions of clothes ,accessories and shoes her house was a rectangular shape and had 2 glass windows on the side of the house she didn't have any siblings and she lived the

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