Voice of Silence

September 26, 2013  |  By  | 

Rarely in ones academic or professional career does the opportunity present itself as a teacher to respond to the creative efforts of one of your undergraduate graduating students in such a manner. In Voices of Silence, Ayerkie Narnor distinguishes herself in her first published work as a visual artist while imploring response to her probing and ubiquitous queries and answers, in call and response fashion, in an intriguing essay of photography and prose. Who would argue winds of change are not coming to Ghana? What will mother Africa become and how are some of the interventions projected unabashedly by Ms. Narnor for all to see and hear be received? This work is the beginning conversation of a career that will no doubt continue to challenge while harkening to more than voice and image a harbinger of the dawning of a new day in as much a manner as in Langton Hughes’ admonishment of promise in, A Dream Deferred and his personification of imagery in The Sweet Flypaper of Life. Ayerkie’s creative awakening shows promise and ability while responding to the divinity of environment and the sacrosanctity of tradition and culture with a sense of urgency demonstrating a need for further enlightenment and practice. There will be no silence so let us now continue to support and watch what lies beyond as this ship make its way towards the light! Reginald L. Jackson, Ph.D. Prof. Emeritus, Simmons College AUCC, 8/6/2012

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