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QNT 561 Week 5 Individual Mystatslab Problem Set


Published on January 23, 2016

For more course tutorials visit 1. Consider the pairs of measurements shown to the right. 2. Researchers investigated the effect of tablet surface area to volume on the rate at which a drug is released in a controlled-release dosage. For six similarly shaped tablets with different weights and thicknesses, the diffusional drug release rate (percentage of drug released divided by the square root of time) was determined. The experimental data are listed in the table. Complete parts a through d. 3. Many entrepreneurs have donated money to various causes. Data on the total amount pledged and remaining net worth for the 10 top donors are given in the table. Complete parts a through d. 4. Explain what each of the following sample correlation coefficients tells you about the relationship between the x and y values in the sample.

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