MGT 435 Week 2 Quiz (Ash)

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For more course tutorials visit WEEK 2 Quiz 1. Question : “Organizational Inertia” refers to 2. Question : Which organizational change model stresses the importance of applying a historical analysis of changes occurring over the course of a company’s development? 3. Question : Stage 5 of “The Development Life-Cycle of Organizations” is known as 4. Question : Second-order (discontinuous) changes are 5. Question : According to Lewin’s “Force-Field Analysis “to change resistance, change is the result of 6. Question : The task of preparing people for organizational change typically falls upon 7. Question : Resistance to organizational change can 8. Question : Which organizational change model asserts that there is no one right or best strategy that can predict organizational success? 9. Question : According to McKinsey and Kotter (1996), approximately what percentage of large organizational changes fails? 10. Question : In the “The Organizational life-Cycle Model,” growth through delegation typically occurs

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