MGT 435 Week 3 Quiz (Ash)

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For more course tutorials visit Week 3 quiz 1. Question : True or false? The type of intervention that will be most effective is dependent upon the particular organizational dimensions. 2. Question : According to the “Stakeholder Matrix,” if the stakeholder is assessed as “Non-Supportive,” which of the following strategies should be used? 3. Question : When undertaking “stakeholder analysis” for preparing to manage the political dimensions of change, involving different individuals across the organization serves to make the process 4. Question : True or false? The “Functional Hierarchy” organizational structure was most prevalent in the technological era (1960’s-1980’s) 5. Question : In “Assigned Change Leadership Roles & Relationships,” the sponsor is typically 6. Question : At which of the following levels does aligning the organization to a new vision begin? 7. Question : Which American motor company did CEO Alan Mulally join to implement major change in 2006? 8. Question : In “Assigned Change Leadership Roles & Relationships,” the executive team is typically made up of 9. Question : The highest position on both axes of the “Stakeholder Matrix” is held by which of the following stakeholder types? 10. Question : HP’s Leo Apotheker’s bid to move the company entirely out of the PC business resulted in most stakeholders assuming which position on the “Stakeholder Matrix”?

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