MGT 435 Week 4 Quiz (Ash)

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For more course tutorials visit WEEK 4 Quiz 1. Question : “Needs-based positioning” refers to 2. Question : Airline companies that attempt to improve customer relations by training their flight attendants, but not ticketing agents, are specifically guilty of 3. Question : The skills, knowledge, and experience of individuals or a workforce with regard to their value and costs as invested by an organization is known as 4. Question : True or false? According to Fisher and Taplan (2002), there is only one primary reason why organizational change programs fail 5. Question : According to Beeson (2011), “talent mindset companies” are firms that 6. Question : True or false? An organization cannot sustain change without first establishing a strong identity 7. Question : Which of the following organizations was guilty of failing to recognize the need for change? 8. Question : “Level 5 Leadership” style refers to leaders who tend to be 9. Question : True or false? “Data warehousing” refers to the high-tech analysis of a company’s data in order to make better strategic decisions. 10. Question : In order to facilitate the recruitment of the right talent, ”branding” is especially important for

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