MGT 435 Week 5 Quiz (Ash)

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For more course tutorials visit WEEK 5 Quiz 1. Question : Of the following, which is one of the most serious liabilities of the traditional, hierarchical organizational structure, as opposed to the modern, more decentralized approach? 2. Question : Which of the following represents a “soft” dimension of change? 3. Question : In Rowden’s (2009) four traits of learning organizations, continuous planning, reflection, and adjustment exemplifies 4. Question : The concept of a “learning organization” was introduced by 5. Question : The point of Senge’s “Parable of the Boiled Frog” is 6. Question : True or false? In the modern environment of effective organizational leadership, communication and collaboration take priority over dictatorial authority. 7. Question : Which of the following is true in organization with a “flattened” layer of management? 8. Question : An employee who fails to recognize that she is one part of the whole (organization) exhibits which of the following “learning disabilities”? 9. Question : True or false? “Shared vision” begins at the common worker level 10. Question : Which of the following is a typical quality of an “agile” organization?

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