Catherine Coot

Catherine Coot

I am Catherine Coot, born in South Africa and living in the Netherlands since 1987.

After working for 10 years in retail I decided to study art at the age of 28. I always knew I was creative and wanted to do something with this. So I began my study in Design Presentation an Communication for four years at Sintlucas in Boxtel (The Netherlands) and graduated in 2012. I am specialized in Stand, Shop and Decor.

At Sintlucas I learned how to develop an overall concept that is always tailored to the identity of the customer and the message they want to spread. After an analysis, I search for the right materials and colors to create a proper presentation and atmosphere to visualize the wishes of the customer before working on to the end product. Spatial and technical insight in this important field, and sense of trends and styles are key factors in this process.

After Sintlucas I chose to studie at The School of Art, ArtEZ in Arnhem (The Netherlands). I studied Product Design for 1 year. At ArtEZ I learned to look at functionality, aesthetics and durability. Conscious and from an investigative attitude, ideas are viable within the right context. How to actually realize concepts are important as well as developing my own personal style.