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A SPECIAL LIQUORSTAX PROMOTION NOVEMBER 2014 2 INDULGE Claro is a Mexican style crisp and refreshing lager. Light & dry with pleasant malt and hop notes resulting in a round dry fnish. Regardless of the time of year, serve Claro icy cold. CLEARLY REFRESHING Available from leading outlets Visit www.liquorstax.com.au for your nearest store. 14-0417 $ 39 .99 24*330ml • 4.6% alc/vol I  spring is the start o the silly season then summer is denitely the party season. We are just weeks away rom big amily Christmas easts, New Year’s Eve celebrations with riends and all those pool parties in between. When organising parties, I love to use the barbecue as much as possible. Barbecuing or parties can be as simple as a couple o snags encased in a slice o bread. What I love about barbequing is that it is a really orgiving method o cooking, making matching wines with grilled oods a breeze! For the majority o us humble barbecuers, most barbecued dishes are relatively simple; there’s a main ingredient (usually a protein o some kind), topped with seasonings in the orm o marinades and sauces. To choose a wine to match with something o the barbeque, two things need to be considered. Firstly, how hearty is the ood, and secondly, what’s the dominant favour? For lighter oods like white- feshed sh, vegetables, chicken breast, pick a lighter wine. For heartier oods like sausages, burgers and steaks, choose a more robust wine (keep in mind, both reds and whites can be light, medium or ull bodied). Now think about favour. For steaks and butterfied legs o lamb—even i they’re marinated beorehand— the dominant favour will almost always be the meat itsel. But with oods like chicken slathered in barbecue sauce or prawns with a ery garlic-chilli sauce, the sauce or seasoning is by ar the main favour o the dish. The dominant favour is the key actor to consider when selecting a wine. Here are some suggestions with matching wines with barbequed oods. Sparkling wines go great with anything salty, so think oysters, chicken breast and salmon. Sauvignon Blanc are the perect match or grilled vegetables, so keep it in mind the next time your cooking asparagus, artichoke or witlo. Chardonnay is well matched to dishes that include chicken, squid or scallops, while Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot go hand in hand with bee-based dishes. Rosé is a versatile option that can be used to complement grilled chicken, BBQ prawns, sashimi and even paella. I you’ve whipped up a meal that includes mayonnaise or aioli sauce, Rosé is a perect option or those dishes too. Shiraz and Pinot Noir match incredibly well with lamb or pork based dishes, regardless o the cooking method. TOM’S TASTING TIPS f facebook.com/TomsCellars www.tomscellars.com.au If you are heading out to a BBQ why not grab a bottle or two of these: Calabria Family Wines Richland Pinot Grigio $12.00 This outstanding Pinot Grigio eatures ascending favours o pear and resh apple puree entwined with kar lime lea. With scents o resh bright red apple and sweet pear blossoms, this zingy acid drive and ull favoured wine make it the perect party pleaser! Yarra Burn Vintage Yarra Valley 2007 $29.99 One o the most dependable sparklers on the local market. Looking or value vintage bubbly? Look no urther than this little beauty - sure to get any party o to the right start. Genre Moscato 2013 $9.99 I love this Moscato as it is very light and resh in style, with a sweetness driven by ruit. It’s also an ideal party wine as it is low in alcohol and is a great t or a light cheese platter. Orange Tree Rose 2013 $8.99 Classic strawberry and creams on the nose, with a palate laden with red berries and cherries. Finishing crisp and clean, think Sunday aternoon with a ew o your closest riends, tasty nibblies and a glass o this... heaven! Te Ora Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2013 $16.99 This is your classic Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, with favours o passionruit, pineapple and gooseberry. With a tropical ragrance that is vibrant and invigorating, it’s denitely one you’ll love!