Employment Scheme

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MQF Level 4 Course: Help set your employees up for higher positions in your company with a course in management. Nobody knows your business better than you and your employees, so why not prepare your current employees or more responsible positions in management instead o hiring others. The manage- ment module we’re oering ocuses on skills such as the delivery o a business presentation, using eective teamwork to reach goals, ormulation o action plans and so on. Global College Malta will provide this 400 Euro course to your employees or only 250 Euros. The applicant will complete the course in 9 months at minimal hindrance to their working hours and, when they have concluded their studies, will have earned an MQF level 4 qualifcations in Manage- ment skills, which is equivalent to 4 ETC credits. Part o larger course with ull time study hours, this management course has been tailored to appeal to the busy working proessional who wants to move up in their career. The course content is spe- cifc to the core principles o business management: how to successully communicate to clients, subordinates and partners; producing business plans and delivering presentations, ocus on team perormance and evaluation and more. Content: MQF Level 4 40 hours 4 ETC credits Reduced ees: € 250 Management studies Topics covered: • Preparation and delivery o an eective busi- ness presentation • Formulation o business ideas • Range o eective communications or spe- cifc purposes • Identifcation o personal and business goals • Formulation o action plans to realise goals • Utilisation o appropriate ICT tools and unc- tions to enhance and complement manage- rial tasks • The importance o eective teamwork to achieve business goals Wednesday 16:00 - 17:00 Start dates: 29 th September 2014 & September 2015

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