ECET 370 Week 7 Lab 7 Binary Trees

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For more course tutorials visit Full set of lab with working programs. Exercise 1: Lecture review: Binary Search Tree Create a project using the classes BinarySearchTree, Node, and Main in the DocSharing area labeled “The BST." Compile the project, run it, and review the code that is given carefully. These programs test the code discussed in our lecture. Exercise 2: An improved BST class Modify the class BinarySearchTree so that it contains the toString method, instead of the display method that was given originally. Exercise 3: Using a BST in an application Use a binary search tree to implement a dictionary that contains the keywords in the Java language. Test it. Note that you can use the programs from the previous exercises. For a list of the keywords in Java, visit Exercise 4: Recursion and Binary Trees Write a recursive algorithm that counts the nodes in a binary search tree. Exercise 5: Using properties of BSTs Write an algorithm getMax to find the maximum value stored in a binary search tree.

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