HEROES FROM EARTH: Book One - Nemoria

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You are the Hero! Enter Millennium, a world system for Pathfinder, and leave your day-to-day existence on Earth behind to begin the journey of a lifetime. Your soul has been chosen for the ultimate quest―to discover the Eight Great Treasures of Millennium. Wearing a gold Triamulet around your neck, you experience dimensional shifting and awaken on Time Island, deep in the Discordia Crater. You are confronted by two intelligent life forces: Metamorphosis with his enlightened Utopians, and their mortal enemies, the evil Extractors, who owe their allegiance to Ex. Planet Earth and Millennium are engaged in a titanic battle between the forces of good and evil. Your quest—to defeat all the negative energy in the surrounding galaxies—has begun. By defeating Ex and the Extractors, you will change the outcome of mankind’s survival and tip the scales of history, not only on Earth, but throughout the universe. When you succeed in your quest to acquire the Eight Great Treasures and thereby foil the Extractor’s plan of total conquest—the imprisonment of souls throughout the universe—your personal power shall rival the Lords of Millennium and the Pantheon of the Gods. Be strong and survive your trials. Prepare yourself for a life-changing experience. Greatness awaits you.