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Gustavo Romano

Published on November 28, 2014

ackground: Personal Statement and Activity Examples For My Summer Camp Application 2014  Skills & Talent Section Description Examples Choose your top two activities and choose the activities you have more experience and feel more confortable working at, the activities you choose will help our placement team to place you at a camp. IMPORTANT: For each of the activities you must write a short paragraph consisting of 5-10 lines giving all necessary information, this is to catch the Camp Director’s attention. This is a very important section where you tell camps about your abilities so please make sure you write a complete and descriptive paragraph. Each activity should be at least a five-line paragraph description. What to write in this section? Write all relevant and factual information about your experience in each of the activities you choose for instance: for how long have you been preforming/doing that activity? How often do you do the activity? If it is an activity you do/make at home or have you worked at a place doing the activity? Do you like it or not? Why do you think you would be good for that job at camp? FOOD PREPARATION: Example 1 In this activity I have a lot of personal experience since I prepare my own because I am studying away from my parents home and I need to save some money by cooking my food. I know how to prepare some basic and easy dishes like: fast food, Mexican food, some pastas, salads, etc. Also, when I was studying secondary school I took a food preparation course for three years and in this course we use to prepare: rice, soups, meats, desserts, etc. I consider my self as a very fast learner and I am very good when I need to follow directions. This is an activity I feel very confortable with and I think I will be a good staff member at the kitchen’s camp this summer. Example 2 Last summer I worked in a restaurant where I was helping in the food preparation area, sometimes we had to prepare large amounts of food because there were a lot of costumers . I also have experience in this activity because I help my mom at home when we have family meetings, also after we cooked I was in charge of washing the dishes and cleaning up the kitchen and setting up all the kitchenware we used. I learned to cook and prepare pizza, pies, bread, cakes and different food like mole, rice, chicken, barbecue, mashed potatoes, and soups. I used to help my mom since I was about 15 years old and I like to help in the kitchen when it is needed for this reason I think I am a good candidate because of my experience.

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