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Portfolio - Hannah Williams

Hannah Williams

Published on December 1, 2014

2 3 An Event Manager has the 6th most stressful job in the world according to USA data , up there with Fire Fighters, Police Officers and Military Personal. But when you think about events you can say: Having the pressure of every single detail on your shoulders, a lot of behind the scenes work, extremely high expectaons for it all to unfold, not just in front of your eyes, but in some cases in front of large audiences, hundreds of thousands of pounds at stake; This could be seen as a stressful, manic and a down right nerve racking profession. But that pressure is something I believe I have relished since I can remember. If its’ down to me to be organising something, I will dot every I and cross every T. This passion that I install in anything Event, Images Hannah Williams © 4 Interesting Facts about me: In 2008 I was Number 1 Female Discus player in England; I learnt to play the saxophone at 12 years old; I worked in Pennsylvania, USA at a Children's camp for 3 months teaching Gymnastics; My favourite types of animal are Pugs; Images Hannah Williams © Images George Greed© Marketing, Advertising or Brand related, is rare and I value it as one of my strongest assets, and I believe any company would value it too. I’m Hannah Williams, a West Midlander who moved to the Cornish coastal town of Falmouth in 2012 to study Creative Event Management (BA Hons) at University.