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FROM BACK OF THE NAPKIN TO FRONT OF THE AISLE You have to start with a great product—and no one knows that better than Daymon Worldwide, a leader in branding, sourcing and cultivating relationships since the 1970s. But what makes it to your shelf is the culmination of a  nely-constructed process. To be really successful in this environment, you need the kind of strategy, insight, consumer engagement—brand building—that Daymon offers under one company. Tools and relationships that we’ve developed over decades, building brands for retailers across continents. You need the power of Daymon’s unique combination of  ve distinct companies, working for you, on your brand. Even if all you bring us is your napkin sketch. 6 continents 50 countries 14 channels of trade 2,000,000 consumer events 1 Daymon YOUR GLOBAL RETAIL PARTNER. www.daymon.com PRIVATE BRAND DEVELOPMENT // STRATEGY & BRANDING // SOURCING & LOGISTICS RETAIL SERVICES // CONSUMER EXPERIENCE MARKETING