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reaching beyond. improving lives. beyond home beyond work beyond technology beyond employees 1 Dear Friends, As I look back on the past couple o years, I have never been more proud o the accomplishments we have made together. Nonprofts like Ability Beyond continue to ace the nearly impossible challenge o serving more people with ewer resources. Our committed employees, volunteers, donors and partners have stood with us as we reach beyond the expected to develop creative new ways to provide quality services that support the individual goals o each person we support in a more ecient manner than ever beore, making what seemed to be impossible, possible. Fueled by passion, creativity and a rich history o experience, we are continuing to claim our place as leaders in the feld. As you will learn in the pages ahead, in addition to our commitment to each individual we serve directly, we are working hard to create systematic and systemic change to improve the lives o all people with disabilities. We are pursuing innovative best practices to address the undamental need to deliver better results more eciently. We are creating replicable programs and models we hope will beneft other organizations in other communities. We are embracing technology to support the autonomy o people with disabilities and to increase our business eciency. We are actively seeking partnerships with both governmental and private entities to acilitate changes needed in services and systems. We are going beyond what was ever imagined possible. With your help, we will continue pursuit o our mission … and our vision o a day when all people with disabilities are ull participants in our society. Thank you or your continued support! Thomas H. Fanning President & CEO We are going beyond what was ever imagined possible. “ “

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