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Travel ArticleNovember 20, 2014 Cutta Cutta Cave  ! About 1500 hectares of landscape near downtown area of Katherine, people named this huge natural park of limestone “Cutta Cutta Caves Nature Park”. Nearly 20 minutes from Katherine to Stuart Highway, we crossed 2 kilometres of sandy and bumpy path to arrive at the entrance. Dry grass lay on the ground; lifelessly breathed out the hot air, nearly burning itself with its temperature. The Jawoyn people used to live in this area; however, there was not a single evidence of them living in this cave.  The tour guide told us that oods usually ll the cave during the wet season, and it was lightless inside the cave without electricity. We experienced how dark and scary it was inside the cave; the black tunnel was a monster to me. At the time of aboriginal people, electricity has not been invented yet, so they couldn’t live in the cave for long. But animals are habit inside, such as a poisonous orange snake crawling beside the staircase, hissing like an excited defender. Nobody is allowed to kill them and nobody wants to, people should live with nature peacefully.  Around 1900, a man from Europe discovered the cave and named it after his name” Smith”.There was even a rock that looks just like the side of Mr. Smith’s face. The well- known name” Cutta Cutta” means “Lots of Stars” in the aboriginal language, because the rock in the cave shined like diamonds and reminded people of stars at night.   2 Australia The rock in the cave shined like diamonds and reminded people of stars at night. -KUNQI CHEN Path to Cutta Cutta Cave with trees at the side.

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