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THE STORY OF LA CHOUETTE “La Chouee” – which means “The Owl” in French – refers to the surprising bond between the night bird and French cider. Tradionally, many farmers in the North - West of France made their own cider with apples from their orchards. In fact, cider was made in barns where owls could oen be seen dwelling under the roof. Thus “La Chouee” has always looked aer French cider! LA CHOUETTE, A TRUE “CIDRE” AMBASSADOR French regulaons impose strict specicaons on French cider making, which makes “cidre” a unique beverage in the cider world: Unlike many ciders, which are made from “table apples”, French cider is tra- dionally made from dedicated apple variees, called “cider apples” , which gives it this unique taste. La Chouee is craed from various ci- der apple variees , which can be sweet, biersweet, sharp or biersharp. In most countries, reconstuted juice from apple concentrate may represent up to 100% of the total volume of a given cider. In France, the use of juice from concentrate is strictly limited to 50% of the total volume, which helps preserve the natural aromas of apples . La Chouee is a pure apple juice ci- der and therefore is not made from re- constuted apple juice. Many ciders contain added sugars as avour enhancers. French regulaons strictly limit the use of added sugars to prevent excesses. La Chouee contains no added sugar , only the natural sugar from apples . French Cider Apple selection Making process Sugar content

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