Survival Guide

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 Chris travels to Alaska in search of truth, avoiding authority, and fulfilling his dream of the “Alaskan Odyssey”  He was heavily influenced by Jack London, Thoreau, and other writers, which he took to heart, and eventually led him to travel to Alaska  He meets a number of people which he makes strong friendships with, but still decides to move on to fulfil his dream  He is found dead at an abandoned bus in Alaska, weighing 66 pounds McCandless’ Journey  Huck runs away because of all the atrocities he suffers under the “care” of Pap  He finds a slave he had previously known, Jim, and together travel the Mississippi River and come across many problems along the way  Huck learns a lot about the immoral nature of slavery and the corrupt society at the time  In todays perspective Huck is more “sivilized” than most of the people he encounters of his adventure with Jim. Huck’s Journey

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