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“What the New Year brings to you will depend a great deal on what you bring to the New Year.” — VERN MCLELLAN It’s hard to believe that it’s nearly me to hang new calendars on the walls and start wring “2015” instead of “2014.” The start of a new year brings another opportunity to evaluate your company’s current pracces and policies—and possibly kickstart some new iniaves, too. Whether you’re looking for ideas to mull over or concrete suggesons to implement, you’ll nd plenty to interest you in this latest edion of ExecuTeam HR Insights! The feature arcle, “Health Care Reform: Are We There Yet?” sheds light on one issue that will aect companies of all shapes and sizes: the upcoming implementaon of addional direcves of the Aordable Care Act. Tracy Wa and Beth Umland explore some of the ways employers are planning to respond to those ACA mandates by decreasing employee counts, increasing employee contribuons for dependents and spouses, and other policy changes. In “The Case for Connuous Recruitment,” Stephanie Reyes explains the importance of keeping posions lled. When you do decide to bring in candidates, Don Charlton cauons, try to make the interview a valuable experience. In “Creave Makeovers for the 3 Most Predictable Interview Quesons,” he oers suggesons for conversaons that reveal useful informaon about a candidate—and give you a sense of what he or she could do for your organizaon. Looking for ways to increase employee sasfacon (and, as a result, maybe your company’s stock returns as well)? Spend some me with “How to Foster Employee Happiness for Beer Stock Performance,” in which Charles Coy presents one execuve’s ideas on this topic. Do you want a new perspecve on your company’s current HR and stang needs? Or are you looking to shake up the status quo and bring in something new? Whatever your goals are for 2015 (and beyond!), ExecuTeam is ready and eager to help! Best Regards, LETTER FROM THE LEADERS Laura Bowen, CTS President Anne Flournoy, CTS Founder/CEO George Flournoy, CTS/CPC Senior Partner NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2014 2