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Published on December 1, 2014

Core policy statement Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality I consumers are to choose sustainable ood, these products must be available in sucient quantities. We will thereore introduce measures to greatly improve the sustainability o production and supply across the entire chain. We will then encourage consumers to choose sustainable products by launching an intensive awareness-raising campaign. The term ‘sustainable’ applies to the use o raw materials and space, emissions, energy and water use. However, it also involves creating less waste and improving the welare o people and animals. In short, production and consumption with respect or people, animals and the environment. These actions are intended to position the Netherlands as a world leader in sustainable ood within feen years. The Netherlands can make a signicant contribution to global ood security and to the preservation o the vitality o the global ecosystem. To achieve these aims, the Netherlands will make ull use o its prominent global position in the area o ood.

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