Synthesis reflection 565A

November 23, 2014  |  By  | 

ligt at  eecting back to my ight path shows the long journey that T a has taken me on. I started with a very specic goal in mind, and with that I ended up going in a very different direction. I found that as the course rolled on, my ideas, visions, understandings and goals changed. The course unfolded in a very different way than I had originally anticipated. I had a vision of making a class website and connecting it to all the curriculum goals and prescribed learning outcomes, I have a vision of self led learning where I would create my own projects and assignments. As the course continued, I learned that that was not the path this course was headed. The plans I had seemed far fetched and less and less appropriate given the learning that was being acquired as the time rolled past. I changed my ight path several times, and reected on it to a point of obsessiveness! I eventually let go of what I felt needed to be achieved and instead went down a path that seemed appropriate, enjoyable, passionate and fun. I turned my ight path completely around and am happy with the way this course has unfolded and the learning outcomes I have overcome and acquired. It is fun to sit back and reect upon something even though it was only a few months back, it is amazing how the brain can change paths, adjust, evolve and amaze in such a short time. I am proud of the path I am currently on and feel my journey has been productive and educational. E-Learning tool kit  What a fantastic resource. I came back to the tool kit many times throughout the course to make sure I was on the right track. In particular, I used it most when creating my Moodle. I found the LMS (Learning Management System) link to be the most helpful. The background section really helped me understand my target audience and be aware of the types of learning they will look for in order to make my Moodle successful and user friendly.

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