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Message from the Town Clerk—Mr J Vanderwolfe At this me of year a great deal of my me is spent working on the budgets for the next nancial year. The Council’s nancial year runs from the 1 st April to the 31 st March each year. Each of the Council’s commiees have to be consulted and the informaon passed on to the Finance and General Purposes Commiee, however the law demands that the nal budget must be approved by the full council, and this will happen in January. Whilst the Council has some revenue streams the greatest amount of funding comes from what we call the Precept. The precept is a demand on the district council to provide a sum of money. Last year the precept demand was £212,782. That amount is then divided up amongst the rate payers of Tiverton to produce the average D rate calculaons. Last year the D rate for Tiverton was £32.74. It should be noted that this is very cheap com- pared to some of the other towns in Devon. Next year we will see a reducon in the Government Grant passed on to us by Mid Devon District Council from £44,318 to £22,168. We have also taken on the running of the toilets in Tiverton, which is going to cost about £40,000 a year to nance. You have I expect read that Devon County Council is possibly going to make substanal cuts in their highway budget, and the town council may have to provide salt for the 130 grit bins in the parish next winter. All of these things will put pressure on our budgets and will result in a small increase in your contribuon next year. You may well be aware that the principle councils, in our case Devon County Council and Mid Devon District Council are capped by the Government on the percentage of increase that they can insgate without calling for a poll from the electors to do so, which of course would add more expense. At present town and parish councils are not subject to such a capping; which is why some services are being handed over to them. The elected members will make the nal decision on the precept demand on the 26 th January. A New Councillor Story—Cllr Chris Daw (Westexe North) I’ve lived in Tiverton for 16 years and when my husband and I rst came here, I was surprised by how dierent and unique the town was. Although it was a small market town, there was denitely something special about the place. The range of independent shops, and of course, the friendly people who were very passionate about Tiverton made it stand out for me. We’re the voice of the people As cizens of Tiverton, we need to have our voice heard. I aended council meengs and listened to some of the issues raised and how they were dealt with. I realised then that I wanted to do something about helping to make good choices aecng our town and that I could help make a dierence. I want to be a councillor who listens to the people. And I am absolutely determined to work hard to support people who come to me with their issues and ideas. However, being a councillor isn’t an easy road as it can take a lot of eort to get good id eas and dicult decisions across to both the council and our residents. However, I’m on a learning curve that I’m enjoying every day. Challenges for the future One of the biggest challenges we’re facing right now, is that many of our independent shops are closing and we’re trying to encourage new businesses to come into the town. We denitely want to keep the uniqueness of the town centre, as that’s what makes Tiverton such a unique place. But, I think we need to strike a balance, especially if we want the town to grow and develop, and I’d like to and see some good quality, reputable larger chain stores come in. Somemes, I think we – the council – can be too insulated in our views and we need to really listen to what our residents want. Great hope for our unique town I think it’s important that we move forward in the mes we live in. We need a strong local economy and a good shopping area that will encourage people to live, work and socialise in the town. . It's so important that we as councillors realise that we’re here to be the voice of the local people and to make sure we put in place good quality buildings and amenies, and that we build a town we can connue to be proud of and that our children will be proud of. I want to see Tiverton develop into a town that has 21 st Century amenies. To get there, we all need to change our atudes and allow development that will set us up for the future. We can't always be sased with how things used to be. In ve years me, it would be great to see how far we’ve moved forward in our thinking and the development of our town.

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