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Pablo Gaston Sanchez A f er the amazing tour at the Forbidden City we went to a Chinese restaurant of course, what an unpleasant surprise. T e instant my mouth felt the taste of that spicy red chicken I knew I was going to feel very hungry for the rest of the trip, I learnt rapidly that Chinese food is not my thing. ! A f er what I had seen days before, I thought it would be hard to impress me with something better, but the city of Beijing is full of surprises. What an extraordinary monument it is, T e Great Wall, one of the greatest things I have seen in my entire life, a wonder of the world. How is it possible for someone to build that enormous and unimaginable wall, it recovers 8,851.8 km, and every part of it is still there, as it  rst was when they made it. It’s hard to imagine how extraordinary it is until you see it. T e most interesting fact I heard about the great wall is that it’s the only man made object that is visible from space, which gives you an idea of its extreme dimensions. ! T en came the summer palace, I thought that it had that name because it was a warm place, but I was very wrong, it was one of the coldest places of all the trip, I have no idea why, maybe because of its open space. T e summer palace is this fabulous and extravagant place. Every building is full of colourful, every tree is planted for a reason and everything is full of secrets. T ere is a lake that could be also called a mirror, because it was so re  ecting that everything could be seen on the water, the orange lifelines of the sunset could be seen on the water connecting with the red and deep the deep blue of the buildings, everything seemed very magical to me.  2 Pablo Gaston Sanchez The Great Wall, a wonder of the world, so vast it can be seen from space. The China Central Television (CCTV) Headquarters in Beijing