BEPS 2015 Final Reports

October 5, 2015  |  By  | 

International tax issues have never been as high on the political agenda as they are today. The integration of national economies and markets has increased substantially in recent years. This has put a strain on the international tax framework, which was designed more than a century ago. The current rules have revealed weaknesses that create opportunities for Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS), thus requiring a bold move by policy makers to restore confidence in the system and ensure that profits are taxed where economic activities take place and value is created. In September 2013, G20 Leaders endorsed the ambitious and comprehensive Action Plan on BEPS. This package of 13 reports, delivered just 2 years later, includes new or reinforced international standards as well as concrete measures to help countries tackle BEPS. It represents the results of a major and unparalleled effort by OECD and G20 countries1 working together on an equal footing with the participation of an increasing number of developing countries.

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