Tapestry of a Woman's Life

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Life - Life Begins with a Woman Giving Birth Daddy's Little Princess. Vada making Daddy wear her crown. Vanity and a Teenager. Catlin age 16, getting ready to go out with friends. Joys of Pregnancy. Mary Grace is due next month. Career Cooking Mom. My friend, Marlo, is an Art Teacher, working mother. Empty-Nester, My Youngest Son Leaving for US Navy Boot Camp July 10, 2008. He was 17. Menopause Mayhem. Hormones out of whack. My friend, Laura, raised three daughters as a single mother. Grandmothers are Grand. Grandma Mischke may she Rest in Peace. Retirement and Rocking Chairs. My Parent's retirement has been everyday busy. They have been married 55 years. Widowed - Life Fades. My dear friend, Ms. Imogene Hammond, she celebrated her 94th birthday this year. She still lives in the home she raised three children in. Her husband, Grover, passed away about eight years ago.