Peace and Serenity Laos

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 “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” Taking in my last night of Laos, I race to the noodle shop to simply slurp the chili covered noodle bowl I was craving so much. One by one putting each noodle in my mouth, savoring the taste of each one; while feeling the warm broth and chili specks lag behind and the inner outline of my lips leaving a burning sensation across my mouth. On to the French bakery neighboring it, and right back in another tuk tuk. Arriving back in the center of town I could already see the neon stripped cones blocking way for the night market. It was tempting not to revert back to the coconut hut standing about five meters away- as I had done every night- but there something else planned for the last night. ATukTukdriver. . Assests to hike up as one long chain the whole class is assigned to hike up the mountain, and begins to climb up the spiraling hillside. Hitting the last step to the top of the mountain I stood breathing heavy watching the sunset from the top through the screen of my camera. Passing down my camera to a friend choosing to just enjoy the moment in front of me with peace and serenity at my side, as a monk would do. Bibliography Jeremy, Haiku Summaries of 18 Countries, April 8, 2014 4/08/haiku-summaries-of-18-countries/ J&C Admin , December 27, 2013 opening-slow-tourism-growth/ Jodi Ettenberg, Some of my Favorite foods from Laos, February 15, 2011 me-of-my-favourite-foods-from-laos.htm Asia Top Travels, September 16, 2012 Highlights_of_Indochina_21_days.html Ulli, The loop, in Laos – Part 1, February 7, 2012 -loop-in-laos-part-1/ Helbiga, The adventures of the Helbiga Family, July 6, 2012 content/uploads/2012/02/SunsetAtLuan gPrabang_m.jpg The language barrier was not something I had thought about before, but the kid’s truly did not know a word of English. Overly exaggerated hand gestures and smiling were probably my best friend at the time. Pou a girl standing next to me during a game of Monkey in the Middle was trying to express her name to she was most likely six years old, the ball came flying at the back of my head. Her face lit with a smile and giggled; as she found my pain amusing. Seconds later she grabs and pulls me into a game of Double Dutch. Jumping, she has the biggest smile on her inflicting me to mirror her as well. Laotianvillagechildren. The morning of the giving alms ceremony came so vividly to me, maybe my brain works best at four o’clock in the morning, but the giving alms really made me think, even though-I was up at four-in the morning it was the best part of the trip. Handing the monks their daily food portion by portion in a line made me look at their lives. Living a simple life going forth with peace and serenity at their side every day never to break the bond. TheGivingAlmsCeremony TraditionalLaotian noodles.  SunsetovertheMekongRiver.   ABuddhistquote,extremely famousamongstLaotianpeople.  