Rakuten Super Logistics

Rakuten Super Logistics


Rakuten Super Logistics (RSL) is a dedicated and enthusiastic group of professionals committed to providing the best eCommerce fulfillment services and software worldwide. Founded in 2001, Rakuten Super Logistics U.S. (formerly Webgistix) is a Rakuten, Inc. company and a global leader in e-Commerce order fulfillment.
Operating a strategic, nationwide network of fulfillment centers, known as the 2-Day Delivery Network, we protect eCommerce retailers’ reputation with fast and accurate order fulfillment. Our SmartSuite of eCommerce services includes SmartFill, SmartStock and SmartShip Optimizer for calculating the optimal shipment method so that orders are delivered at the lowest cost at guaranteed delivery times.
We work with our clients to ensure that their goods arrive at their destination on time and in perfect condition. Since the company’s founding, we have retained our customers by providing excellent service and an unwavering commitment to helping them achieve their goals. We also empower our employees to ensure they are in a position to deliver a great client experience. Our high employee retention rate is a testament to our company culture.