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 Sun, Sea and Sand Exploring the beach of Pak Meng Resort was definitely a wise choice. As weird as it sounds, the consistency of fish dung produces the area’s softest sand, piecing in satisfactorily well with the bluish-turquoise water that forms this beach. The sand is so spectacularly fine, there was no way around ignoring the temptation of planting my bare foot in the smooth sand of silver. Feeling it tickle my foot, I dug it in even deeper as I breathed in and exhaled, watching the burning orange sun set. Peaceful, Easy Feeling Kayaking, the following day introduces the magnificent life above grounds, areas filled with countless plantations of different mangrove types. Enclosed by the bluest indigo of skies and purest white of clouds, I followed the crew, ignoring the burning sensation of my shoulders as I paddled even faster to see what lies ahead. The path unveils the opening to stunning caves with crystallized stalactites, along with the panorama of huge mountains with trees lined up all over. With the help of this view and mini tsunamis caused by our Thai brothers; A, O and Jaka, we students start to open up and interact with one another. It was the perfect way to associate with someone new. Next, the adventure shifts to a contrasting world under the sea, nearby Koh Kradan. With A’s impressive demonstration of jumping off the two-story boat before entering the deep ocean, everyone including I stepped in to follow his audacious lead, trusting his gut instinct. Somewhere under that venturesome, fearless, thick black hair of his were wise logic. It only took a leap of faith to feel the most pleasant breeze of wind in slow motion. Half a second worth of time allowed the refreshing air in my system, calming my heart, which was pounding quick from adrenaline. And the next thing I knew was that I’ve entered the cold, spurring saltwater. Swimming in the queer, bizarre marine life awed me as I am swimming alongside some of the most striking fish. The radiant shades of all colors gave me the sense of existing in the movie, “ Finding Nemo” . I detected dazzling, new colors; magenta, cyan blue, lime green, fuchsia, and so much more wherever I turn to! Numerous designs of stripes and spots overwhelms my vision with admiration. Who would’ve expected such kinds of wonders live in this clear, teal ocean? There was no necessary of scrutinizing to be amazed. The underwater environment never once failed to seize my attention. After all, jellyfish particles did sting my way into finding Nemos and Doris. Exitin the caves with cr stallized stalactitesTourist boats nearby Koh Kradan. Sunset view of Pak Meng Beach

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