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DR TAYLOR Patients name: Natasha Bennett Age: 19 Session NO: 123... (Black Screen) (Title Appears) TITLE: ONE ACCIDENT INT. PATIENT ROOM – NIGHT The room is plain, emotionless no personal effects can be seen and the bed looks unused. The clinical feel harbours an uneasy atmosphere. DR TAYLOR It’s been a year since our first session; the patient shows little sign of improvement. NATASHA walks slowly toward her bed, stumbling over her feet. She is as emotionless as the room around her. NATASHA turns to sit on the bed, pulling her legs toward her torso. DR TAYLOR (CONT’D) I am concerned, common practices have had no effect. I am starting hypnotherapy with her. (Black Screen) TITLE: TWO WORLDS EXT. PATIENTS ROOM – NIGHT Natasha looks down to the floor, her knees hugged tightly to her chest protecting her unstable mind.

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