FTPBTP 14 Summer v4

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FOR THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE – SUMMER 2014 RE-ISSUE 2 IRIS M WILLIAMS 44, Fayetteville North Carolina Hello and welcome to my magazine, For the People By the People! I’m so excited to be able to bring this information to you. Nearly a year ago, I left the safety and security of a job I’d held for nearly 15 years to begin a journey of self discovery and healing. What a journey it has been! This magazine is an extension of my need to communicate the things that I’ve learned. I realized that if I had things to share, others do too. As a matter of fact, scrolling through all the posts on Facebook is where I got the idea to develop a magazine written by the reader! To each of the contributing writers I want to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to the tips of my ngers! Without YOU, none of this would have been possible!!! —I. M. Williams, Publisher Years ago, it occurred to me that there is more than one way to do things and even more than one way to get to a destination. What works for me may or may not work for you. There is no one formula for happiness and success or we’d all have it, wouldn’t you agree? I wanted a platform for people to share their experiences with others in a way that is benecial and positive. If one person can avoid a pitfall because of my failed attempt, then I would feel that I’d met my goal! I’m not nearly where I want to be, but I’m further along than I was when I began. Join me as I continue my journey ... with friends! MEET THE STAFF JANICE LANGSTON ANDY KUHN DANIEL SNELL LEE POWELL DONTE WRIGHT PORSHAY STEGALL INGRID ZACHARIAS