Old Brushed Series | Sourenfurniture

August 1, 2013  |  By  | 

Sometimes furniture is allowed to look just a little more robust and rough. If that’s the case, brushed teak can be a very nice finishing. Brushed teak is also called Kasar. The teak wood is treated with steal brushes; this is done by hand or semi-automatically. Because of this treatment the softer parts of the wood get brushed out, which gives the wood a nice rough look. Like the name says – Old brushed – this furniture is made of old teak wood. This beautiful old teak wood stems from Central Java, Indonesia. The combination of old teak wood and the brushed finishing make sure that every piece of furniture has its own character and is the centre piece of any interior decoration! In this line you have the choice between a beautiful robust table, but also diverse wardrobes, living room tables and other pieces of furniture. Also the pieces in the collection are often combined, so you should also have a look at the Lesung and Dingklik furniture! Or if you are looking for a unique or eye-catching piece, choose one from the Harbour collection. Need more information? Drop by our store or have a look at our website!