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CRST 16224 Corporate Values ID Pkg_MORE FUN

Gary Sharp

Published on December 2, 2014

PURPOSE Our ©2014 CRS TECHNOLOGY PURPOSE Think o this document as a compass. A compass or our company, where it is, and where it will head in the coming years. Just as we analyze problems and spec solutions in the course o our daily duties at CRS Technology Consultants, this document will outline our company’s core values, mission, culture and how these things aect all acets o what we do and–more importantly–how we do it. We believe our team members are each important components o a larger system and, as with any system, it only works at optimum efciency i each and every component is at its individual best. It is to this end that we ask you to review the pages o this document and use the thoughts within it as we move orward. With this ‘compass’ as our guide, we hope to encounter calm seas and ew storms. Thank you! (SIGNATURES)