Innovative Engineering Inc_ATFP Physical Security Blast Engineer

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Innovative Engineering Inc. (IEI) is a medium size structural engineering firm that provides traditional structural engineering as well as specialized ATFP, physical security and blast design consulting services. As a Small Business our clients are assured principal level involvement in their projects as well as the ability to handle most any size project. IEI has been providing ATFP, physical security and blast design consulting to both the federal government and private clients for over 20 years. While receiving in-depth blast design training by some of the world’s leading blast experts and pioneers in the industry, we saw a gap between the theory of blast loading and analysis techniques and the practical application to build- ings and their surroundings. Our core business is building structural engineering with an anti-terrorism specialty; we are able to practically and efficiently bridge this gap. IEI’s specialized project experience includes site and building ATFP, physical security and blast design consulting for private sector and federal government clients including the Depart- ment of Defense (DoD), Department of Home- land Security (DHS), US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the US Veterans Administration (VA) on both new and renovation projects. This experience includes providing ATFP, physical security and blast design on more than $245 million in new construction projects located throughout the US. These projects include military aircraft hangars, aviation maintenance facilities, explosive ordinance disposal (EOD) storage facilities, student barracks and VA Outpatient Clinics. IEI has also performed approximately $50 million in renovation projects ranging from embedded behavioral clinics (EBH), bachelor officer’s quarters and barracks, to military warehouse and agricultural inspection stations at major airports, as well as physical security retrofits to DoD, VA and private sector facilities. With this level of knowledge, expertise and diverse experience, you will be ensured of success on your next ATFP, physical security and blast design project.