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update Social media With just a few days to go until the Commonwealth Games get under way, I’d like to thank you all for your hard work and efforts so far. It’s going to be a busy but exciting time and I know that we are going to deliver our personal best for spectators and regular customers alike. Turn to pages 8 and 9 to  nd out all about the Games timetable and the changes we’ll be bringing in to help journeys run as smoothly as possible. Shortly after the Games  nish, our attention will turn to the Ryder Cup, which takes place in September. Read more about – and see photos of – the refurbishment of Gleneagles station on page 7. Welcome Letter Follow us online Follow us on Twitter @ScotRail, at and subscribe to our ScotRail YouTube channel. Crossword corner Pit your wits against Between the Lines’ fun crossword! The solution can be found on p15. ACROSS: 1. Scots golfer ( rst name Sam) (8 letters) ; 5. Attempt on goal (4) ; 7. Noisy (4) ; 8. Thinner (8) ; 9. Close (6) ; 12. Internet page (7) ; 15. Small publication (7) ; 19. Religious buildings (6) ; 21. African country (8) ; 22. List of food (4) ; 23. Item of jewellery (4) ; 24. Looked at closely (8) DOWN: 1. Ability (6) ; 2. Gol ng Cup (5) ; 3. Paid guardian for children (5) ; 4. Continent (6) ; 5. Sporting legwear (6) ; 6. Aquatic reptile (6) ; 10. In addition (4) ; 11. Hit by golfers (4) ; 12. Soaking (3) ; 13. Drop of thick liquid (4) ; 14. Lazy (4) ; 15. Plain jacket (6) ; 16. Sportsperson’s luggage (6) ; 17. Fit for consumption (6) ; 18. Released (6) ; 19. Stadium (5) ; 20. Disney deer (5) Our social media channels are shaping up to be more popular than ever this summer. Since the beginning of March, we’ve gained almost 5,000 new followers, sent over 3,000 tweets, received more than 1,000 retweets and had a total of 9,000 mentions on Twitter alone. Look out for more social media highlights throughout this edition of Between the Lines. So far this year, we’ve been using our social media channels to help promote various campaigns, including the Online Sleeper Sale and Club 55 , as well as continuing to answer customer queries on a daily basis. Competitions As an of cial sponsor of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, we have also been using social media to run a number of exclusive ticket giveaway competitions for several high-pro le events, which have been proving popular with our followers. @Greery Thanks to 1 of your employees who saved a baby Blue Tit from being squished at Perth Station. Humanity lives, as does the Blue Tit. @ScotRail Awww! Thanks Greer - glad to hear it lived to cheep the tale. T weetback With just three months to go until the winner of the daytime services bid is announced, read the latest franchise news on page 6. For the  rst time, we’re also introducing a new staff app to help bring articles to life via short video clips. The app is called Augmented Reality (AR) and works via Smartphones and tablets. Details of how to download it onto your preferred device are outlined below in three simple steps. Two articles – ScotRail Foundation (p4) and the Commonwealth Games (p8&9) – are supplemented with video content. With the app open, scan the image highlighted on each page to view the two-minute clips. Please let us know how you get on with the app, as we plan to use it for more staff communications in the future. Get in touch with us via betweenthelines@ Steve Montgomery, managing director 2 between the lines WELCOME AND SOCIAL MEDIA

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