Stay Alive Electronic Packet

November 21, 2014  |  By  | 

 The Plan Bring awareness to students across America on the dangers of Texting and Driving. Class by Class, the students will all enter the Presentation Truck. Our plan is to take this to high schools across America, malls on the weekends, and any where there are large gatherings of people that would benet from this presentation. The Simulators & Presentation Each student will have the opportunity to sit in the Texting & Driving Simulators. Once nished, they will all sit down in the presentation truck, and receive a commitment card that they will ll out & keep, committing to never Text & Drive and to have a Designated Texter. We will nd a young adult from their city, who has been paralyzed in a car accident by either texting and driving or a passenger in car accident from texting and driving, who will then share their real-life story. As they leave, the students will all receive a thumb ring and wrist band to help remind them of their commitments. They will also receive a steering wheel decal that says “IT CAN WAIT”. As the students exit the Texting Display truck, they will immediately have their picture taken and uploaded to our Facebook Page. The Challenge The students will all be sent back to their classrooms, to receive their CHALLENGE. The teacher will be given 3 discussion questions, to allow interaction with the students. Our plan is for these discussions to be students led where they can share their simulator experience, their viewpoint on Texting and Driving, and their new commitment to refrain! STAY ALIVE DON’T TEXT AND DRIVE

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