Aksana Hancharuk

Aksana Hancharuk

Aksana Hancharuk graduated with Master degree in Nursing Science from Medical University, Grodno, Belarus in 1999. She became interested in Integrative Medicine early in her education. Working in medical field she began asking questions about health and healing that conventional medicine was unable to answer.

In 2009, Aksana was first exposed to Mahendra Kumar Trivedi’s biofield Energy healing treatment. This was the moment when she realized she found what she was looking for her entire life. The effect was something she never experienced before.

Having discovered the Trivedi phenomenon, Aksana started intense studies of these divine energies with Mahendra Trivedi in his prestigious Master Healer Program. Up until now, she continues to explore these energies understanding their unlimited potential.

During many years Aksana optimized her healing energy transmissions under the guidance of Mahendra Trivedi. While attending Healers Mastery Program she maximized her potential in ability to connect to the Universal Energy and harness Divine life force for the benefit of herself and other people in her life. In most recent Trivedi's science project her abilities have been scientifically tested, measured, documented and published in international peer-reviewed science journal.