2014 Cats Tale

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THE SIGMA PHI SOCIETY - ALPHA OF VERMONT " DECEMBER 15, 2014 FALL 2014 " PAGE 2 OPENING WORDS - CHARLES B. VAUGHAN III V’12, SECRETARY CONVENTION REPORT - ALPHA OF MICHIGAN, UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN As I reect on the fall semester the word “rekindle” encompasses our chapter’s recent actions. In my time in this chapter, and now as a senior brother on the executive board, I have seen the Alpha of Vermont endure a complete evolution. As the strength of our ame nearly faltered due to our repeated obstructions, I speak for all in reiterating our commitment to the everlasting presence we have at The University of Vermont, and in the entire Sigma Phi. For all that have not visited our home in recent time: the fostering of graduate relations, the dedication to recruiting the University’s best, the extended focus on our academic accomplishments, and our continued responsibility to the physical plant are all a refreshing sight. It is in my greatest hope this production of the Cat’s Tale opens transparency to the actions of our chapter this fall. YITB. Good Graduate Brothers Scott Allen McCrae V’82, Derek Fredrickson V’94, and J.B. Britten V’02 joined Matthew Everett Scranton V’12 and myself for a great weekend in Ann Arbor this fall. Over the weekend we all attended meetings, and workshops, to actively explore better strategies for operating as a society. With a room full of both familiar, and new faces, we bonded as an entire society over past memories and future plans. It was truly an honor to be Vermont Sigs, as our respect within the society is historically great. Having a reputation to uphold many were impressed by our chapter report, and especially our award for academic excellence. I was glad to see such strong attendance by the entire society and our commitment as a whole to perpetuate Sigma Phi. Speak to anyone who went, or has attended previous conventions, and they will tell you the true privilege it is to represent our chapter.

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