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called “Kolizeras Restaurant” and it was very good. ! ! ! Athens ! ! It is day one in Athens ; it is 432 B.C. King Pericles is the ruler of Athens. So far Athens seems to be very cultural. There are lots of parades and they are teaching me how to paint. There is supposed to be some kind of event called the olympics,that includes several different kinds of games. One of them is when they throw a heavy disc very far. Another game is when they ght to the death but they do not have weapons.This event is called boxing. One thing that I have noticed is that the women are not allowed to come to the olympics and parades. They do not treat their women badly but I can tell that men are of a higher social status than women and the women are not allowed to be very social. ! ! Pe r cl e ,Economics, and H i tory ! Athens is different than Sparta, there are obviously cultural differences. There is a lot of trade but very little agriculture. The main crop is grapes and olives. Many people say it is Pericles’ fault that we went to war with Sparta. It was Pericles’ idea to have an alliance of all of the Greek city states and this is the reason why we went to war with Sparta. Sparta was getting a little scared that we were growing to large but that still is not much of a reason to go to war with us. Besides, we did help Sparta win the war against Persia. ! ! Peloponn e ian War ! ! Many Athenians say that Sparta really did not win the war because all they did was surround the city and cut off Athens supplies. They say that Sparta did not even do that much killing.Actually most of the death was caused by the plague. ! ! C o ncil Meeting ! ! Today I also attended a council meeting. It was very interesting watching them argue over each other. Many times the argument was won by asking the other person a question that they cannot answer. It was very fun and I had a good time watching it. The Athenians are more focused about living life, unlike the Spartans who are focused on war and ghting. ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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