Rutherford B. Hayes 19th President of the U.S

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Rutherford B. Hayes was inaugurated into presidency on March 5, 1877, although he lost the electoral and popular votes, a final long vote was casted a long congress finally deciding that Rutherford B. Hayes would be the 19th president of the United States. Hayes first message to congress was about why he withdraw federal troops from Louisiana and South Carolina. The reason was because Rutherford B. Hayes wanted to start the civil reform. Hayes exclaimed that this was a needy measure for the restoration of local self-government and the promotion of national harmony. After the reform president Hayes spent federal money and finishing building the Washington Monument, building a National Museum, and structural improvements to the Library of Congress During Hayes presidential term, people viewed him in many great ways. President Hayes was honest to his people and to the public. He was also very intellectual, he always spent money on worthful causes and improvements to the public such as the Civil reform. Being intellectual as a president is a very important trait. This is because presidents have to make good choices that will benefit and not put the public or anyone in harm and anger. Another great trait is being honest. Presidents have to be honest because they have to stick to their words. President Hayes was generally always truthful and never kept secrets to the public. These two qualities are what makes a president worthy of being a leader.

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