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Published on November 28, 2014

2.Given below four operaons for preparing a temporary mount of human cheek cells- (1) (i) taking scraping from inner side of cheek and spreading it on a clean slide. (ii) pung a drop of glycerin on the material. (iii) adding 2-3 drops of methylene blue. (iv) rinsing the mouth with fresh water and disinfectant soluon. 3. You are given 2 slides- parenchyma and sclerenchyma. Sclerenchyma can be idened by(!) a. locaon of nucleus b. size of cells c. thickness of cell wall d. posion of vacuole 4. Xylem consists of ________, ________, Xylem parenchyma and Xylem bers. (2) a)Sieve tube, Companion cell b)Tracheid, Sieve tube c)Tracheid, vessel d)Vessel, Companion cell 4.Growing two or more crops simultaneously on the same eld in a denite paern is (1) referred to as a)Crop rotaon b)Inter cropping c)Mixed cropping d)Crop alternaon