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R 2 | Lyon County ReporterJanuary 22, 2014 community True-to-life sized snowman EXTRA LARGE FROSTY This snowman, in the front yard at 1005 S. Carroll St. in Rock Rapids, is true-to-life size. (Photo/Jessica Jensen) Rock Rapids re department purchases thermal imaging camera The Rock Rapids re department recently pur- chased a thermal imaging camera with a $6,300 grant from the Lyon County River- boat Foundation. The special purpose camera used digital tech- nology to identify relative temperatures of a scene and re-creates real time video imagery on the display. It is able to “see through” smoke, darkness, walls, oors, vehi- cles and other solid objects because its input comes from heat, not light or appre- hension of actual images like in ordinary photography. For outdoor situations, the camera can assist in locating a body in the grass, weeds, eld or snow. When surveying an auto interior it can tell whether a seat has been occupied based on its temperature. In a room or other special area it can identify body shapes obscured by debris, walls or furniture. By providing this criti- cal information when each second counts, the camera can help direct reghters to where they are needed and prevent wasting of time and resources. The City and the Fire- ghters Association provid- ed matching funds for this grant. FIRE DEPARTMENT RECEIVES RIVERBOAT FOUNDATION GRANT Ed Reck, Rock Rapids Fire Department chief, is pictured with a thermal imaging camera purchased with a $6,300 grant from the Lyon County Riverboat Founda- tion. The camera can be used in multiple situations to save valuable time. (Photo/ Submitted) Dr. Murphy and sta participate in ‘Give Kids a Smile’ 2ND ANNUAL ‘GIVE KIDS A SMILE’ FREE DENTAL CLINIC Dr. Joseph Murphy and his staff donated their time and services Friday, Jan. 17 to provide free dental services to kids. The clinic was part of the American Dental Association’s Give Kids a Smile Program. (Photo/Jocelyn Hommes) around to teach basics and get you start- ed. The free event will be Saturday, Feb. 8 from 10 am-12 pm at the West Shelter at Lake Pahoja. Please call to sign up by Fri- day, Feb. 7 at noon to know which sizes will be needed. For more information call 472-2217. If none of these activities suit your per- sonality or interests, however, do not fret. Simple activities such as building snow- men, making snow angels, or collecting pinecones can help you appreciate the beauty of winter. If you would rather relax indoors, there are still plenty of ways to have fun. Cud- dling up with a warm blanket, some hot chocolate, and a movie is a nice alternative to going outdoors. Baking cookies while playing a round of board games is also a great way to keep you and your family en- tertained. As the temperature drops and the snow piles up, remember that you don’t have to spend your time dreaming of warmer days. Summer will be here before you know it. Wishing away the winter blues Blues from Page 1 232031C Services At     Helping clients reach their goals for over 15 years             MAN Be “Miss” Lyon County 2014 “Miss” Lyon County 2014 Casual Beach Wear TalentFormal It takes a real man to get in touch with his feminine side enough to Walk the Walk I you or someone you know is interested in being a contestant in our all-male “beauty” pageant please contact the Lyon County Reporter Ofce at 712.472.2525 Event will be held March 21, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. in the Central Lyon Auditorium All proceeds go to Relay For Life 232972