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R 2 | Lyon County Reporter community March 13, 2013    Your Team at Exceeding client expectations for over 15 years Corey Heimensen  Wilma Miller  Shardell Teunissen  Jessica Jensen  209908 SINGING A NEW SONG The Wildwood Witch (Alison Wright) and the wallybirds of the woods sing a song created just for this production. (Photo/Kristin Snell) FULL ON CANDY AND GOODIES Gretel and Hansel, played by Ashley Leuthold and Aric Kno- block, show their discomfort after eating too much sweets at the witch’s home. (Photo/Kristin Snell) THE WILDWOOD WITCH The Wildwood Witch, played by Alison Wright, sings about her wildwood blues. (Photo/Kristin Snell) NEW CAMPERS AND COOKS The new campers of Camp Wildwood join together in song with the Wildwood cooks. (Photo/Kristin Snell) CAMPERS MEET WALLYBIRD Old campers, in search of their way out of the woods, find a wallybird. (Photo/Kristin Snell) Missoula’s Hansel and Gretel performance Kristin Snell | Editor The Missoula Children’s Theater came to Lyon Coun- ty once again this year, sponsored by the River Valley Players. Nearly 60 children particpated in the produc- tion named “Hansel and Gretel.” The performance was held Friday, March 8. Modern day Hank and Gretchen find themselves in hard times and are unable to go to camp with their friends. They begin to read the book “Hansel and Gre- tel” and fall asleep in the middle of it. They awake to find themselves in funny clothes and in a strange place. They go in search of home when they meet the Wild- wood witch. Birds of the forest try to warn them to stay away in fear she will eat them, but as the story goes on, a twist of the original story begins to unfold.