Benefits & Applications

Flipsnack is a powerful tool with lots of amazing things to offer. Here are just some of the benefits you get by using it and ways in which you can apply our cloud based software.


Convert PDFs into flipbooks

Turn static PDFs into engaging digital flipbooks with our online converter. Create amazing publications and share them with the world. It takes mere moments to convert a file into a digital HTML5 version of itself that can be easily shared or embedded.

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Embed PDFs

Transform PDFs into HTML5

Quickly and efficiently transform your PDF files into engaging HTML5 flipbooks with page flipping animations. Converting a PDF into a digital publication is almost instant and the end product can be shared or embedded into any web page.

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From PDF to HTML5 flipbooks

Digital publishing platform

Alongside an easy to use PDF to flipbook converter and powerful online editor Flipsnack is also a digital publishing platform. Once created you can easily publish your digital flip books, magazines, brochure and more. You can even schedule publication times.

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Publishing platform

Interactive Publications

Transform your PDFs into interactive experiences for your viewers. You can use our editor to enhance your publications with internal navigation, hyperlinks, rich media and more. Turn your PDF into a journey that your readers will enjoy.

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How to make a PDF interactive

Virtual bookshelf

Simple but elegant design and easy to integrate. This is what you can expect by creating a virtual bookshelf for the digital publications created with Flipsnack. Our bookshelves are ideal for displaying multiple digital books, side by side.

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Virtual bookshelf app

Free flipbook templates ready to use

Choose from over 100 flipbook templates that can be edited, customized and personalized with your own content. Design and download offline as PDF or create online flipbooks very easily and totally free! Check the flipbook templates below and edit them or see the full list available inside our online design tool for brochures, flyers, newspapers, menus and more!

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Free flipbook templates ready to use

Create your own digital flipbook in 60 seconds

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