Advanced stats reports for publications

Jani / News and updates / December 3rd, 2014


FlipSnack has just reached a new level of professionalism with its latest update. Now we track a lot of data regarding your flipbook and we offer detailed reports.

Here’s what you will be able to check in FlipSnack:

  • flipbook impressions (how many times the flipbook was accessed)

  • flipbook views (the number of interactions with the flipbook)

  • average time spent on flipbook

  • downloads (how many PDF downloads were requested)

  • shares on Facebook, Twitter, G+ and Pinterest

  • number of clicks on links and buttons from your flipbook

  • locations: top 5 countries where the flipbook is most popular and number of views for each

  • devices:  number of views from each type of device: desktop, tablet and mobile

These stats are available to all FlipSnack users. Free users get up to 7 days of statistics, Flip Publisher users get up to 3 months and Flip Corporate users get unlimited, all-time stats.

These stats can be a powerful weapon in the hands of an online marketer. Don’t wait too long, get the Flip Corporate subscription and make the most of your publications!

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