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Here are the top 5 flipbooks from FlipSnack that impressed us the most this week. Please vote for your favorite and help us decide which one is the best!

1. CMD media recruitment brochure

We like the fresh design, the creativity, splashes  of color… everything. It’s so cool! After flipping this brochure, don’t you feel like this company is something you’d like to be a part of?

2. The juice

This publication is young, fun and juicy! The designers didn’t stick to one color palette but they certainly knew what they were doing, because all the font choices, the colors, and the layouts work!

3. Programa VAQ

We don’t speak the language, but this flipbook is so inspiring nevertheless! It shows how you can take something as boring (usually) as a program and turn it into something WOW!

4. Berlin Gardens product catalog

We’d like to see more product catalogs like this! It has lots of images presenting the products in natural (gorgeous) settings and by themselves as well.

5. Holts service booklet

This made the top list because of the beautiful illustrations /paintings that accompany the texts.

Are there any other Flipsnack magazines or catalogs that should’ve made the cut? Please tell us in the comments section!

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  1. john me says:

    very good

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